Keeping up-to-date with blog posts

As you might know, I am far behind in both blog posts and photo editing. I want my blog posts to have pictures to illustrate the stories of the day, but editing pictures take time. Then, there is the issue of internet: uploading pictures in foreign countries also can take a long time, and finding internet itself can be a challenge. When the stars align, I try to post as much as possible.

To keep blog posts in order, I have been backdating my posts. This mean that what happened on say, today, will appear on the blog with today’s date, even if it might be posted months from now. While this works great in some respects, it doesn’t work too well in others. The issue is mainly that I have been blogging certain posts sooner than others, and so things have been getting blogged out of order (yet with the correct date). The result: it becomes really confusing for readers of my blog to see if there are any new posts by just showing up on the blog’s main page.

There are solutions though to easily keep track of new posts, current or back dated:

  • You can subscribe to the blog’s feed via a feed reader. I use Google Reader and I love it: it allows me to easily track and read all of the blogs that I follow in one spot. Otherwise:
  • You can subscribe to the blog and receive blog posts via email using the “Follow Me” feature on the right-hand sidebar on the blog.
  • If you are a WordPress user, you can subscribe to the blog via WordPress using the “Follow” button on the toolbar at the top of the blog’s page.
  • Lastly, I share some blog posts on Facebook, as long as they are noteworthy.

I encourage you to pick a solution that works best for you, and this way you won’t miss a post.


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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5 Responses to Keeping up-to-date with blog posts

  1. Laura says:

    Google Reader FTW! Don’t know how I would possibly keep up with all the blogs I follow without it 🙂


  2. 黃愛玲 says:

    I’m loving your blog; so inspiring. It’s always great to travel with your signficiant other. I do the same with my husband. =o)


  3. andiperullo says:

    What a shame I’m just discovering you now, would have loved to have followed you along the way!


  4. Christine says:

    Hi there, just wanted to tell you, I loved this post.

    It was helpful. Keep on posting!


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