My name is Magalie L’Abbé, and in 2005 I grew tired of dreaming my dreams and decided to live them instead. I hit the road on a journey through Asia and Oceania and have been hooked on travel ever since.

Born in Montreal, I am fluently bilingual in English and French. I have lived in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. I have a degree in cultural anthropology and a love of travel, food and photography. Now for silly facts about me: I’m not a big fan of chocolate, I go crazy for kittens, I am allergic to pineapples and kiwis, I’m a little OCD and I once held the Guinness World Record for the longest paper clip chain in the world. I have had both my writing and photographs published.

My travel companion is my husband; Travis Rathert. Travis is a chef from Texas. He has sailed through the Caribbeans and Europe, and has also backpacked through Asia and Oceania. We met in Australia and got married in Mexico. You can read more about our wedding and relationship on our wedding blog.

We also travel with Garth, the travel gnome. Look for him in rare appearances on the blog!

light above

train to bangkok
being silly