Two Year Honeymoon 2010-2012

Our big trip, going on now, is our Two Year Honeymoon. We both have been wanting to hit the road again and see the world, and so with this in mind we decided to have our honeymoon be a great tribute to how we’ve met.

When people ask us where we are going on our honeymoon, we say “everywhere”, and we really mean it. We hope to be able to hit every continents, see world wonders, drive and hike, eat and drink, learn and explore. From Timbuktu to Tuktoyaktuk, we’d love to see it all!

We’ve headed out without an itinerary, and we’ll see where it takes us!

To see pictures from this journey, visit the Flickr set.

Where we are heading to next, and where we have been thus far on this trip: