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1. Hand chopped sorrel-basil-walnut pesto. Couldn’t figure out what else to do with all of our sorrel! The result is delicious. I improvised the recipe. Also good way to use all of those walnuts I have sitting in the freezer!

hand chopped sorrel-basil pesto

2. Pickled chili peppers. Travis loves pickled jalapenos, so I was trying to go for that with what the garden was giving us. Apparently I got it right! I modified this pickled jalapeno recipe by reducing the sugar by half, adding a bay leaf, and using our garden hot peppers of course.

pickled peppers

3. The cherry pit liquor from last summer. It smells right, but the flavour is lacking. I added some sugar and other goodies to make it more well-rounded. We’ll have to wait some more on this one!

cherry pit liquor update


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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2 Responses to Jars | Home

  1. Padaek says:

    Lovely photos! They all look great, esp. the pickled chili peppers. Tasty! 😀


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