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Most of you visiting and reading my blog are aware that I am very much behind of my blog posts. I do not hide this fact – indeed I even have a notice on the front page of my blog letting everyone know what will be published, eventually, when I get around to it.

There are many reasons as to why I am behind. Most of it has to do with two things that are deeply intertwined: the fact that I am a perfectionist, and the fact that I am completely and utterly burnt out on editing photos.

I want my blog posts to be in order, and so I am backdating them as to seemingly blog them on the day they happened. I also want these blog posts to have the edited photos that correspond with the day they were taken. And here lies the issue: I have too many photos to edit from our trip. There are numerous days that have over 1000 photos to look through, narrow down, and edit. On average most days have between 100 and 300 photos. I took photos on almost every day of our trip, and our trip lasted 609 days. Just think of that… it’s a lot of photos for one person to work on.

I edited photos for hours on end almost every day for more than two years straight, and then, I just didn’t want to look at photos anymore. I hardly even want to take photos anymore. I am burnt out. And so posts go un-posted, waiting for photos that are no coming. Yet.

I have tried giving myself small daily goals to at least get some work done but the issue is this: I just don’t want to do it (picture a child throwing a tantrum and stomping their feet). On the other hand, I know that if I just do it and get it done I will feel so much better… and so I haven’t given up – I am just giving myself the permission to recuperate. This is supposed to be fun, and I am hoping that it will become fun again soon!

Now getting to the actual point of this post. What got me to write today about my current state of procrastination is not an “out of the blue” desire to share my state of mind with regards to photography. I just thought that what I said above fit in well with what I actually wanted to talk about.

What started all of this is something that I noticed since I have actually started blogging 2013 again. (All of the photos are done for that year, and so I have no excuses. It is not a particularly fascinating year, just a year at home mostly, but it is a start.) While I was adding new blog posts I noticed that old blog posts from 2005 were missing their photos. For some reason, all of the image links had been corrupted. So, being a perfectionist, I went through every single blog posts from the start of the blog in 2005 to September 2005 to check and fix image links.

What I saw over and over again was a blog post from 2005 sitting in my draft folder. And finally, after fixing all of those links, I decided to finish blogging 2005 once and for all. Yes. This is why I am writing to you: yesterday I published a post from 2005. It had been sitting in my draft folder for 9 years. How terrible is that? How hysterical is that? I mean, it’s hard to come across a better example of procrastination.

You can read it here. It is about hiking Mt Fuji in Japan and has a lot of bad photos from 2005, when I wasn’t that great with my camera.

I think the whole point of this is what I wanted to tell you, and tell myself. If you feel like you are falling behind. If you feel like you are failing. If you feel like you are procrastinating. If you feel bad about it. It can’t be as bad as being 9 years behind. It is never too late. You will get there. Chin up! It’s best to just laugh about it.

Do you have any problems with or solutions for procrastination?

me with sunrise


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