4 year civil ceremony anniversary | Home

Today marks the day that we have been legally married for 4 years! Time flies, let me tell you.

Conveniently, Travis had the day off work. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and visit Laguna Gloria, one of the locations of the Contemporary Art Museum here in Austin. Laguna Gloria has this Tuscany vibe, and the location is often used for weddings and other special events. While the grounds are really pretty and the location is quite nice, the art itself was pretty lackluster. There were only outdoors exhibits, and these were small and quickly visited.

a little taste of europe
sunny day

Afterwards we decided to drive around a little, and headed up to Lake Travis. While Lake Travis is really big, we had heard that the drought had taken a toll on it. We were not expecting what we saw: parts of the lake were now fields, covered in tall grass. Boats were just sitting in the grass, and docks as well. It felt surreal, and like the first step towards the Aral Sea. Here is a photo of Travis standing in Lake Travis.

travis standing in lake travis

For dinner we headed to Uchi, a well renowned Japanese restaurant quite close to our home. I have to say, dinner was pretty amazing, with inventive takes on the classics.

In all, it was a pretty good day! I look forward to more years with my super awesome hubby 🙂


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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