Chasing squirrels | Shiso

Travis told me a few days ago that Shiso has taken to climbing trees in order to attempt to catch squirrels. She had never done that before, so I had to see it. Well, today we went to the dog park together and I got to see the new Shiso.

She doesn’t really care about the other dogs at the dog park anymore: she only cares about squirrels. And trees that could contain squirrels. She forgets all about us, or what she should be doing. She is focused to near obsession. However, she is quite impressive at climbing up trees! I always thought that she was more of a cat than a dog, and this seems to be proving me right a little bit more. The surprising thing though was other people’s reaction to Shiso’s new skill. Crowds gathered. People cheered on. Strangers gave her qualifiers like “amazing” and “incredible” and “great”. Never before had anyone but family thought our dog was any of those things. Shiso and strangers don’t mix – until today.

I managed to get a little video of her climbing up a tree. It was fun to cheer her on – however, I was shocked at how high pitch my voice was! Yikes.

She does fall in the video, but she was fine. She didn’t fall any other time that day, nor [note from the future] has she ever really fallen again. She learned quickly how to avoid it!


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