A few days on our own | Ranch

We came up to the ranch a few days ago to get furniture from our brother-in-law’s parents. Afterwards I stayed here, and Travis headed back to Austin to look for work.

Of the furniture we were able to get, one of the main items was a king-sized bed. We decided to put the king at the ranch, and bring the queen home to Austin. So here I am, all by myself, in a king bed! Well, I’ve got Shiso to keep me company. She loves the new bed! The headboard work perfectly for her as a perch to look out the window. She also loves that this bed requires so many more pillows.

sleeping on my pillow

During our time here we went on lots of walks. I had to teach Shiso not to run after armadillos, because they carry leprosy. And at night, we had some fun trying to get some star photos (with her collar light on).

sun dog
armadillo bum
shiso trails

Tomorrow Travis is picking me up, and we are heading back to Austin!


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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