Our niece’s baptism | Cheyenne

We drove into Houston from Austin and made it in a little late (sorry everyone!), but the point is this: living here allows us to attend family events such as these. Even when announced with just a few day’s notice. It’s still a drive away, but it’s an improvement! Being from two different countries means that we will never be able to be close in proximity to both of our families, but now at least we are not far away from everyone (and everything).

So little Cheyenne was baptized today, in front of family and friends. She wore the same gown her mom wore for her baptism, the same gown Travis wore for his, and I am pretty sure, the same gown her granddad wore as well. I like that they’ve kept it in the family – I have kept mine too. To top things off, Cheyenne behaved really nicely, even with water being poured on her head.

My niece and I are now tied for sacraments (obviously ignoring the sacrament of marriage). Somehow, I am pretty sure that she’ll end up beating me as the years go by!



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One Response to Our niece’s baptism | Cheyenne

  1. Ginger says:

    Those are absolutely amazing pictures captured so unobtrusively helping us remember every precious moment of the beautiful ceremony when the child of our life became a child of God for all eternity. Providing that link called Jesus which will bend our hearts, lives, and spirits no and in the future and forever in the family of God. Amen and thank you God for creating this touching ceremony for us to bring our children to you so we can be assured of a future for eternity because of the grace of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection overcoming death once and for all!!! Amen.


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