Season’s Greetings and quick update | Home

season's greetings everyone!

First of all, happy holidays everyone! I hope that your are having a fantastic time, with family, friends, great food, and keeping nice and warm!

I know I have been very quiet lately… or perhaps most of the year – but I am still here! There has been quite a few changes in our lives that have been keeping us busy, some of which I am not ready to talk about yet. However, these changes mean a lot of free time on the horizon, and plenty of opportunity to blog and attempt to catch up. In addition, I am almost done editing 2013’s photos. The plan for the new year is this: finish 2013 and make a solid dent in all of our big trip’s photo that are still unsorted and unedited. It would be really nice to be done and move on! Here is to hoping.

See you all in the new year!


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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2 Responses to Season’s Greetings and quick update | Home

  1. Laura says:

    Merry Christmas Maggie, hope all is well. Look forward to reading more of your blog in the new year 🙂


  2. Natasha says:

    Yay! Excited to see more posts and photos! Merry Christmas to you and Travis.


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