Skunked | Shiso

Off to the ranch it was today. We arrived in the evening, and as soon as we opened the door for Shiso she took off. Calling her back didn’t do much: she was way too excited. Whippets are fast! It was dark and she went far but Travis managed to find her – a bit too late. Shiso had gone after a skunk, and the skunk had gone after her.

We brought her into the guest bathroom to wash her (note to future self: build an outdoor doggy bathroom) and hopefully get the stink off her. Thankfully, this had happened before with the other family dogs, and so we were able to quickly find out what works to get the stink out (and it’s not tomatoes).

– Start with liquid dish soap. The “spray” (aka n-butyl mercaptan) is quite fatty, and so the soap cuts through that. Repeat many times.
– Rub in baking soda. Douse in white vinegar. Repeat as needed.
– Then you can use doggy shampoo and conditioner as needed.

We were lucky that she didn’t get hit all that much, and that it was localized to the chest area. Still, after at least a dozen washes the smell wasn’t completely gone. Shiso and Travis had enough though, so we called it a day. We dried her off and perfumed her a little in order to hide the smell.

The skunk smell was also in the house, but it was mostly contained to the bathroom. We placed dryer sheets everywhere, and used as much air freshener as we could. Tomorrow, we’ll open the windows and air out the house!



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