A little culture shock | Texas

Considering that we now have a ranch, we need a whole slew of new clothing items. You can’t go hunting in your bright pink jacket (note from the future: yes you can)!

With that in mind we decide to drive to the mother of all hunting / fishing / outdoorsy store: Cabela’s. Let me tell you. I knew Texans took their hunting seriously, but this place is something else. About the size of an IKEA, this place (let’s clarify that the store we visited is their flagship store) has 2 floors filled with everything you can think of. They really have it all: an area to test your bow, a restaurant, a huge aquarium area, a game shooting area for kids, and the most amount of dead animals I have ever seen outside of a natural history museum. The taxidermy is quite impressive, and they have it divided up if different regional areas. The local wildlife was interesting to see, but they also have everything from Africa to Northern Canada. What is really impressive is their vast collection of trophy mounts – there are some crazy bucks on those walls.


We left with rattlesnake boots, hunting camo, and a slew of other things. We’ll be back! (And possibly bring every Canadian / Europeans who visit us as well).


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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