In Austin for the first time | Texas

Originally when we talked about Texas, we were looking at a move to Houston to start (where Travis’ family is at), with an eventual move elsewhere down the line – most likely to Austin. After careful consideration, we decided to skip the Houston step and move straight into Austin. We’ve already moved so much, we didn’t see the point of stretching things out even more. We are ready to get settled down and start our new life!

Travis had been to Austin many times, but I never had. It’s a bit scary to decide to move somewhere you have never been to, so today we headed into Austin for a quick overnight trip. As much as we all know that Austin is cool and has a great art scene, I needed to see it for myself. Would it feel right?

While the purpose of this trip was to show me our future city, we focused more on getting a general overview than doing touristy sights. I love downtown living and being able to walk to everything: lots of our time was spent just driving around the neighborhoods to get a sense of where we might like to live. I was impressed by the amount of cute houses, and the care people put in their yards. There are definitively plenty of quaint areas around.

The other part of this trip was dedicated to shopping (we don’t have much with us!), and meeting up with a friend of Travis for dinner.

In all it was a decent visit. I do think that Austin will work for us. The visit gave me a feel, but it didn’t “win” me over. It’s not like Travis went in and showed me all of the cool stuff to wow me over. Honestly though, I think that’s good. This way, I have a more honest opinion of the city.

downtown austin
made it!

Again, as with previous posts, I apologize for the lack of photos… this first visit was not really about sightseeing and playing the tourist as it could have been. However, there will be plenty of time for Austin photos in the future!

Tentative moving date is set for January.


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