Everyone has to adapt | Shiso

bed time

Shiso has been a little bit stressed from her new living arrangements, at her grandparents’ house. However, she is having tons of fun. There is a big yard to play in, and 3 other dogs to play with. She even did well meeting a horse for the first time. The most amazing things is how well she has taken to my mother-in-law’s kitten: the two of them were meant to be. She has some things to work on of course (our rescue puppy is far from perfect), but she will get there. However, I feel that she is at her best at night, when we retire to our bedroom. There it’s just the 3 of us – what she is used to.

Tomorrow we head off to the ranch, where she will have to deal with a whole new environment and new sets of challenges. She now has her rattlesnake vaccine; she just needs to learn to avoid running into a cactus and to not scare away the wildlife!


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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