Here to stay | Texas

We made a pretty big decision today. We are staying in Texas. (Wondering what’s going on? Read all about it here.)

Image source unknown - but it's worth it to follow the link attached!

Image source unknown – but it’s worth it to follow the link attached!

We spoke with our lawyers, who informed us that since we are already in the USA, we can decide to stay here. As I am married to an American, I am allowed to “change my mind” and decide to remain in Texas (with him) instead of heading back home. As an added bonus, it cuts the processing time of my permanent application in half. It’s hard to argue with that.

This decision means that today I quit my job. Until my paperwork comes in, I am not allowed to leave the country. We will have to live out of suitcases (again) for the next +/- 6 months, making the most of what we have brought with us. Our belongings, such as furniture, are not allowed to enter the country until I have my papers.

Travis will be traveling back to Kelowna to pack up our things and move them into storage. He cannot bring back with him any of my things.

I will miss our little house, our generous garden, and having our own space. We will need to rely on family for a while… but it is all worth it. We are prioritizing our future.

If you are wondering where Shiso fits into all of this, I am glad to report that she is already here with us. So glad we had made the decision to bring her with us on vacation!


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