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There are moments that change one’s life, but rarely are we aware that “the” moment is actually happening while it is happening. Usually we figure it all in hindsight. There are times though where we just know. Travis was aware of such a moment when he first saw me in a dorm room in Sydney, Australia. I guess love at first sight will do that to you.

Well, I was privy to such a life changing moment back in January of this year. Remember when we went to Texas? Remember that BBQ day we had at his parent’s house? Remember Travis watching the sunset? Probably not. But as I watched him look at the sun go down, I just knew. This is the moment where Travis starts to feel nostalgic for home. So I took a photo, captured the moment, and readied myself.

Here is the photo again.

a little nostalgia moment at sunset

It really didn’t take long for Texas to become a subject of conversation. It makes sense for people to long for home, even when it isn’t perfect (mine is terribly cold in the winter). Especially when one doesn’t like where he is living (Kelowna, not Canada). And even more so when one hates the cold, and cloudy days. These past years in Canada were hard for Travis, who is very sensitive to SAD. Kelowna was better than Vancouver in terms of cloudy winter days, but not enough.

Talking about Texas, or anywhere warmer and sunnier, became more and more serious and frequent. After having traveled to more than 50 countries in our lifetime (more than 60 for Travis), we knew that we didn’t really want to live permanently outside of North America. Traveling the world, we were always looking for a possible place to move to, and never found it. We realized that nowhere is perfect. We also realized that there was no way we would try to pick our “best place to live” in the United States. We were ready to settle down, to start our life. We were not looking to live a constant life of trial and error. We concluded that since nowhere is perfect, and since we had to make a choice, Texas would be it. It granted us a familiar territory, and family.

We decided to both sit down and write a pro / con list of moving to Texas. Our lists were very long and thorough. We then sat down together and went through every points, talking openly about them. It was not easy. I will be honest and admit that this moving idea felt scary to me. I am such a Canadian, and I love my country! The values here just fit me. Texas is soooo different!

To give you an idea, here are some of my cons: it’s not Canada, no free healthcare, weird landscape that doesn’t feel like home, the weather, poisonous spiders snakes scorpions, not as progressive thinking, far away from my family, cutting it short fro Travis being able to switch his Canadian permanent residence for a Canadian citizenship, etc. Here are some of my pros: the weather, affordable housing and land, the ability to live the type of life we dream of, all of the great things we could grow, a good job market, Tex-Mex food, etc.

As you have probably figured out, Texas ended up winning over Canada. After 7 years of Travis living in Canada for me, it was now my time to return the favour. With that in mind, we contacted an immigration lawyer and started my application process to get permanent residency (also known as a Green Card). My application is now officially in, and so we wait. It will take about a year to do this process from within Canada.

This is all so very exciting and nerve racking!


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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4 Responses to Big news, and big changes ahead | Home

  1. Vicki Lynch says:

    I love this post. Vicki


  2. sps60 says:

    I wish you guys the best. I get the pros for Texas for sure and wish we had the same opportunities here for affordable land and good job market. But I don’t know if I could give up the rest. I love seeing your photos of Texas…get some more sunny ones for me so I can stare at it when my SAD’s starts kicking in.


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