Off to Sun Peaks | Okanagan

Being a travel agent selling ski and mountain vacations, I get to find out all about ski resorts – and especially those close to home! Last year with work we toured Sun Peaks, a lovely ski resort about 90 minutes away from Kelowna. Designed by the same people who did Whistler, Sun Peaks has a fantastic European village feel. After our visit, I just knew that I would have to return with Travis.

Well, the day has come! We booked a pet-friendly 1 bedroom condo (with hot tub!) and now we are off to the mountain resort for some relaxation and hiking. I really miss all of the alpine hikes we used to do out of Vancouver, and I am hoping that this will fix my craving. I am also really looking forwards to flowers: alpine meadows are simply magical.

The scenery between Kelowna and Kamloops is incredible! The drive is totally worth it, even if to just turn around right away once you get to Kamloops.

happy doggie

After we checked-in and settled in, we pulled out the hiking trail maps and picked and easy hike for the afternoon. We actually picked a trail that is a Nordic ski trail in the winter: these are a well-kept summer secret around here. Off to McGillivray Lake we were.

Along the way we say not a soul, until the last 15 minutes of our hike. It was pure quietness and peacefulness. To make things even better, the whole side of the trail was lined in the tiniest, sweetest, wild strawberries. Let’s just say we hiked pretty slowly so we could stuff our faces!

easy hike day
wild strawberries
at destination

Once back we didn’t feel like cooking, so we went out for burgers. And then, we just chilled in the hot tub… What a nice day!


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