Country and city | British Columbia

So…. our plan of going camping turned out to be a terrible one. We arrived at the campground way past dark o’clock, to a huge line of other cars trying to get into the very same campground. Clearly, our little piece of heaven is no longer a well-kept secret.

Trying to find a camping spot was really challenging. And finally, once we found one, and setup the tent, we then understood why that spot was still free: it was right downwind from the pit toilet. To top this off, there were camp fires everywhere, music blasting, people yelling, lots of drinking, lots of flirting – it felt like we were trying to camp in the middle of spring break. All we wanted to do was sleep. And all we could think is that we should have just headed straight to Vancouver instead.

Well, that was last night. This morning wasn’t much better. People stayed up all night. They were still up and playing guitar 6 AM. While we managed to get in some sleep, we were pretty grumpy this morning. Instead of hanging out on the beach and taking in the views, we just packed up the tent and left. We had been after peacefulness, not a party! Still, how pretty is that?

our tent on our beach
cristal clear
morning stillness

So back in the car we grabbed a breakfast in town and got back on the road. Off to Vancouver we were!

To contrast our night of camping, we checked in at the Hotel Vancouver, a Fairmont Hotel. Being a travel agent has its perks, and one of them is really discounted rates at the Fairmont. Our room was very large but also very dated (we are talking original 1939 bathroom here!) – Hotel Vancouver really needs some renovations. But one can’t complain, especially not after last night.

at the hotel vancouver
our view

Later that night we met up with friends for some really amazing pizza. (Pardon the terrible iPod/iPhone photos).

dinner date
too good for words

And went out for a civilized drink where Travis may or may not have sang “I’m a little teapot” in public. Footage of said (potential) event will not be released.

Oh Vancouver, how I have missed you!


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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