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Finally, the cherries are ripe! This is great news – in theory. I simply love cherries. As much as it is amazing that I get to pick cherries in my front yard, for free, it just wasn’t as exciting this year knowing just how worm-infected our organic cherries are.

Last year I did a huge cherry harvest (after spending days and days of eating them right off the tree) only to discover that at least 75% of the cherries have worms in them. Yuck! I was definitively better off when I was blissfully eating them off the tree.

This year, sadly, is no different. With this in mind, what I did this time is a very small harvest. After all, it is very time consuming to cut each cherry in half and dig for worms! Once you know they are there you really don;t feel like accidentally leaving some behind. With the processed batch I have been putting fresh cherries on most of my food (one example bellow) and baked the obligatory clafoutis.

from the garden
fish with apple fennel slaw

The thing is, I feel guilty about letting the fruits just rot on the tree. For personal reasons that I won’t get into, I just don’t have the energy or will to harvest, clean, and preserve the whole crop. I also cringe every time someone steals cherries off the tree – only if they knew! Ignorance is bliss, and I take solace in the fact that at least someone is actually eating the cherries.

This whole wasted food issue has made me realize that gardening has to be fun, and balanced. It should not feel like a terrible chore, a daunting task. I should never grow more than I can handle. And I should also learn to just let things go… sometime 🙂 Right?


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