Roadtrip with the family | Okanagan

My parents are in town, and it is their first time in British Columbia! This is very exciting, and we are happy to have them here with us. We had not seen them since our return from our trip in the spring of 2012!

To try to show them the best of the region we planned a road trip from Kelowna to Osoyoos, which is on the border with the USA. In between, there are lots of wineries and gorgeous scenery to enjoy. I also booked us into a hotel in Osoyoos, so we could explore more of the area there. So, expect more to come in the next few days!

Today was spent driving from home to Osoyoos. It’s really not that far: about 2.5 hours away. We spent most of our time exploring our favourite local spot Mission Hill, where we toured the property and had a delicious lunch on the terrace.

restaurant and amphitheater
travis and the oculus
baby grapes
us at mission hill

And here are pictures from our lunch – yum!

spring in a bowl
seared tuna over fenel slaw
shrimps and grits
salmon with sausage

We arrived in Osoyoos in the late afternoon. I had booked us into a condo unit, which turned out to be really great, with beautiful views of the lake. Travis cooked us dinner, we drank local wine, and enjoyed the sunset. The highlight of my day: we were able to observe two owl right off our balcony. My first Canadian owls! 🙂

sunset over lake osoyoos


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2 Responses to Roadtrip with the family | Okanagan

  1. Jo says:

    nice pics, just curious, do you still have your dog?


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