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I know that I have been posting a lot of photos of spring here in Kelowna, but I just find it so exciting! This is my first year having our own garden, in which we are in change of what we grow. Last year we inherited a garden: this year we get to have our own.

To make our garden even better (and accommodate for everything we want to grow), we are adding 3 new raised bed planters for a total of 6 beds. These will all be positioned under mostly full sunshine, so it will really help considerably over 2 of our existing beds that are under the full shade of the lilac tree.

I built the bed bellow by myself, and I have assembled the sides of the other two. On Travis’ next day off we will finish building the other beds and fill them up with soil. And plants! This is all so exciting.

new planter

And here are more garden photos. It is just amazing how quickly things change!

cukes and zukes
salad greens
bok choi
more lilac buds
cherry blossoms


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