Beautiful Vancouver | Canada

The last time I saw Anne was at our Vancouver wedding, and that was 3 years ago! Clearly her living in France and us traveling the world did not help this. Well, time flies and things change and now she has two beautiful kids whom I just had to meet!

Since I was coming into town by myself, I decided to fly in. What a treat! The whole thing took 45 minutes (not counting the whole airport thing) versus 5 hours in a bus. It was really worth the splurge, and allowed me to have more time with Anne and the kiddos.

Mostly we just talked and hung out and caught up the whole weekend, spending time with the kids. We also had dinner with Erin, a communal friend – I had missed this all so much!


Even though this is a rainy Vancouver weekend (typical of springtime here), we were blessed today with sun and warmth. We decided to head to Granville Island, where we took in the views and ate the best fish & chips in town.

stunning as always
lunch at go fish


With the magic of technology I am also including photos that I took – tomorrow! One of my favourite thing ever in the world is cherry blossom, and Vancouver is blessed with countless sakura trees. We took a short walk in the rain (tomorrow) so I could grab a few photos. Petal rain has to be the most magical thing in the world; it was still great in the actual rain.

gray day in vancouver
plum blossoms
pink street
pink cherry blossoms
sakura hanami
it's raining petals


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