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I have finally convinced myself to replace my destroyed Salomon shoes with a brand new pair. Now, these shoes were amazing. They took me around 34 countries on our around-the-world trip, and they performed admirably. Breathable, yet warm. Light yet rugged. From tropical countries to snowy weather. From sidewalks to Patagonia hiking. They just didn’t give up the whole trip, and I loved them. I never even got a blister with them – just incredible. By far, one of the best piece of “equipment” on our trip (Trav can attest too, since he had the same shoes in the men version). If you are looking for a solid pair of shoes for your next big trip, this is it.

goodbye awesome shoes

The new pair is not as comfortable as the old pair, but they don’t make that model anymore… next time I’ll try more models on and find the right fit. Still, I totally trust the brand, and wouldn’t hesitate a second to buy more hiking shoes from them. You have to love well made products that last!


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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One Response to Goodbye shoes | Home

  1. Vicki Lynch says:

    They should be mentioning you two in their advertising…for a fee of course 🙂


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