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Lately I have been trying to cut back on drinking pop, and so I have been on the lookout for healthy drink alternatives. I stumbled upon this recipe for fermented lemonade and have been making it at least once a week ever since. This is a great recipe, not too sweet, with the added benefit of good gut bacterias. It’s pretty straight forward, but a bit time consuming.

The first step is to collect whey. It just needs do its thing for a few hours, until it hardly drip anymore. (I then turn the leftover yogurt into cream cheese, or simply use it as a fromage blanc). Then you make the lemonade, but the trick is to then let it ferment on the counter for 2 days. Only after that can you put it in the fridge, and drink it! (Don’t worry: she has a really good video on her blog about how to make this drink).

collecting whey
making fermented lemondade
making fermented lemondade

Totally worth the effort!

Other healthy drink recipes I have been making that are really worth trying:
Goji ginger lemonade
Fresh peach soda

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