Looking forward | 2013

Now that 2013 isn’t “next year” anymore, many plans and goals will move from being on the back burner into the heat of the action. As well, there are a few “nice to do” items that I would really like to get done this year… While I don’t really like New Year resolutions because they always get broken, I see this list more as a “to do” list rather than just resolutions, and I really do plan on scratching them off my list. Isn’t that what the best part about making lists is?

Plans, goals and hopes for this year:
+ Learning to drive (really, why didn’t I put that on my 101 list in the first place?).
+ Finish editing 2010. I mean, come on. There’s only 3 days left.
+ Finish blogging 2010.
+ Grow a bigger garden.
+ Harvest some of other people’s food that is going to waste, see here.
+ Start using the “gym” at work.

Get a few items off the 101 list done, mainly working on:
+ Planning & working on starting a family.
+ Shopping for land.
+ Adopting a child (WorldVision – like).
+ Making a pie dough from scratch.
+ Making vanilla ice cream without breaking the custard.
+ Implementing and maintaining date night.
+ Writing my will and a living will.

The “wouldn’t it be nice” items:
+ Take that 1 week vacation (we may have still waiting for us) in Puerto Vallarta.
+ Make some local friends.
+ Get my office furnished & organized.

What’s on your 2013 list?


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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