Christmas Day | Home

While I had to work yesterday, Travis had to work today. On the upside, his day wasn’t starting until later, so we got to have Christmas morning and stocking opening together. Travis made us some brie-stuffed french toast panettone: super decadent, super rich, über tasty.

brie-stuffed french toast panettone
our stockings
travis and his stocking
my stocking
inside my stocking, from my mom

While Travis was at work I decided to bake a cake: I tried my hands at Heidi’s black sticky gingerbread cake. Nothing with these ingredients can be any good for you (that’s molasses, sugar, butter and honey in that pot), but if it’s so bad, it has to be tasty. The recipe makes for a very large cake, and gets the whole house to smell like heaven. Unfortunately, I did end up overcooking it, so the cake wasn’t sticky – but it was still tasty. I will definitively give it a go again some day.

making the cake
gingerbread cake

Once it got dark outside Shiso and I went for a walk to look at all of the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. We walked slowly as the sidewalks are covered in ice, but we did street after streets of colourful lights and spying into people’s home to look at their trees. All was quiet outside; we may have seen only one or two other person on our walk.

Eventually Travis got home, tired from a long, busy day – but still managed to pull together a delicious dinner of prime rib and pan fried potatoes. Isn’t he just so amazing? I am one lucky lady. 🙂

prime rib dinner

After a movie and some wine, it was time to open presents again. This time, Shiso really went crazy for all of the wrapping, especially the cardboard boxes. She loves destroying cardboard, so this was a great present for her. She chewed and clawed while we opened our parent’s presents.

travis and bowie
messy table
shiso making a mess

And of course, we had a slice of cake! Merry Christmas everyone!

gingerbread cake with whipped cream


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