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backyard tomato harvest

We *finally* have our first harvest of backyard tomatoes! The plants are now giant masses of tangled mess, heavy with fruits. There are much more of these sweet, juicy, delicious, tasty orbs to come – and I am very happy about it! There really is something amazing about eating the food you’ve grown yourself.


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4 Responses to Tomato harvest | Home

  1. jill says:

    These are so beautiful. You’re making me want to abandon travel to set up my very own garden. (These especially look delicious because produce is so expensive in Australia. That’s probably $15 worth of cherry tomatoes here!)


    • Magalie says:

      I remember how expensive produce was in Australia, too bad it didn’t get better with time. I remember being up North near Cairns and locally grown bananas were at least 5 times the cost of bananas back home. Imported stuff was even crazier!


      • Jill says:

        I hope it means that the growers aren’t struggling, but I don’t know. Now I’m seeing pomegranates imported from the US being sold for $2 each, while LOCAL mangos are $3 each! I really don’t get that!


      • Magalie says:

        Darn, I just bought 4 pomegranates for $5! I get that it was a good deal, but still… I never understood why local is so much more there.


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