Week 14 update | Home

This week… was pretty quiet!

+ The Okanagan Valley (where Kelowna is) is renowned for its orchards and vineyards, and many of the houses around town have large cherry and apricot trees in their yards. Some newer home owners have planted peaches and grapes. I love going for walks around the neighborhood – there are gardens everywhere and loads of food growing. It’s pretty amazing to see what people can do with their yards, and to see so many people caring about eating well.

On the other hand, it seems that just as many people really don’t care about their yards, and let whatever is in it go to waste. Renters move in who couldn’t be bothered to harvest whatever was planted before they arrived. Walking in the neighborhood can be pretty hard because of this – when there are so many people hungry out there, it’s hard to see food just rotting away in the grass.

As such, I have started to make a mental note of who is eating their fruits, greens and vegetables, and who isn’t. My plan: next year, I want to knock on those food waster’s doors and ask if I can harvest (some, or all) their garden for them. I figure this helps them out too: sidewalks covered in squished rotten fruits isn’t awesome.

Anyway… I was really craving some apricots today and so I decided to do something about it. Instead of waiting until next year to gather free food, I wanted to harvest some right now. I had seen so many trees around, covered in fragrant, heavy apricots and no body was eating them. I chose a close by tree that hangs over an alley: technically that classifies the fruits as “free for all”, as it is over public land. I got my apricots, and there was no way that the owner was going to miss a few apricots out of his wild, unkempt yard.

free apricots

+ Here are some more photos from the garden. The tomatoes are getting bigger, and we now have the first few fruits ripening! I can’t wait to eat our first, sun warmed tomatoes of the year. The beets are getting quite large, and I harvested a few to make room for the smaller ones to grow.

the single bed
first tomatoes
beet harvest


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2 Responses to Week 14 update | Home

  1. andiperullo says:

    I want a garden so bad after reading your posts!


  2. jill says:

    That’s such a great idea. It’s so hard to see such good food rot on the sidewalk (and gross on your shoes). I tried to volunteer with a group who does something similar when I was in college, but the timing was always off. If you ever want to expand your efforts you should check them out: http://www.bellinghamfoodbank.org/our_programs/small_potatoes_gleaning_project


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