A much overdue delivery | Home

So, remember how back in April we booked movers to deliver our 14 boxes to our new home? Well, these boxes have now arrived. Very overdue, and a source of intense stress and frustration, we now have clothing, priceless possessions and kitchen goods. I will not go over just how terrible our movers were, or how many times I was lied to, or how my times our boxes were “on their way” but were not, or how many times we thought we had lost everything. It took too many phone calls, threats to involve the police and my dad dropping by to their office to finally get our things – but here they are. I will say two things that I have learned from this ordeal: 1) hire the best – there is a reason the pros are expensive, and 2) never, never NEVER hire Transport Regent / Regent Van Lines to move your belongings.

after 3 months of waiting...

We did loose two things in the move: a camping chair and my Mt Fuji hiking stick. The stick was a priceless souvenir, but I’m just glad to have our boxes intact. RIP coolest souvenir ever!


(And yes, this very same photo was featured on my RIP yellow hoodie post!)


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One Response to A much overdue delivery | Home

  1. Andi says:

    Oh nooooo I’m so sorry! 😦


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