Week 3 update | Home

After two weeks of being in Kelowna, we had most of what needed doing done. In our 3rd week things quieted down a bit – there wasn’t as much of the frantic need to organize our lives or to get more stuff.

+ We celebrated two years of matrimony. Yay!

+ We purchased bicycles in order to get around town. Kelowna is really sprawled out, and the bus system isn’t the greatest. We really needed to get bikes in order to become more independent.

As much as I knew that I needed a bike, I really struggled with purchasing one. We had spent the last year and 7 months living on a tight budget, learning just how little we needed to get by. The idea of spending money on myself, even if necessary, seemed ridiculous. I really had to talk myself into this one, but I love my new bike. It’s so pretty, and really comfortable to ride. Now all I need is baskets and paniers!

my new bike
my new bike

+ We decided to start shopping for our new apartment, one that would have an extra bedroom and would not feel like a noisy, dark cave. We pulled out our list for our dream apartment (composed while in Colombia) and started looking at different websites. On day 2 I suggested that we try looking at renting a house. Kelowna is filled with cute, small cottage-like homes and I decided that some people must have their homes for sale. I was right, and Travis made appointments with a few people.

+ We fell in love with a house, and signed a lease! It was only the second place we looked at, but when you know – you know. It’s perfect for us, with a yard, a garden, and enough rooms that Travis and I can both have our own office. I love our new yellow house! We will be moving in June 15th.

our house

+ In hopes of meeting people and making friends, I joined Meetup. I signed up for a hiking group and a book club.


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