Week 1 update | Home

I’ve made the decision to blog about being back at home weekly instead of daily – it should make it easier for me to catch up on old posts and I think it will be much more interesting and manageable for readers. Everyday life is not nearly as exciting as life on the road! Of course, if I feel that anything stands out, that day or event will have its own post.

That being said, here is what happened during our first week in Kelowna!

we're here!

+ The day after flying into Kelowna was completely dedicated to sorting out our accommodation. We met with the building manager, signed paperwork, looked at different apartments in two buildings and chose one. It’s not the brightest, but it will do temporarily while we look for a permanent place. The street we live on is very busy and loud, so we are glad to have moved to the back of the building. And rent is cheaper!

+ Our building manager introduced us to a couple who was selling their furniture, two buildings over from ours. The furniture really wasn’t our style (think, Holiday Inn hotel), but it was clean and in great condition. It was also a bargain: a full apartment’s worth of furniture for $600. We couldn’t pass up such a fantastic deal, and so we will be taking the furniture. No more sleeping on the floor for us! We will move the rest in a few days.

we got a bed!

+ We moved into our new apartment, which is now freshly painted. We moved our few bags and got to finally unpack our bags. We also moved all of the furniture into our new place. Thanks to the kindness of stranger, someone we never met helped us move our big couch from the 3rd floor of the building, down the street and into our apartment. Talk about good Karma points!

+ We did numerous trips around town for household items: we now have almost all of the essentials we need to tide us over until our boxes arrive.

travis, unpacking
the living room and dining room, before furniture
the livingroom
our "new" used stuff
getting the kitchen ready
the bed, set up
setting up the bathroom

* We got internet.

* Our kitchen got a new counter. I also placed contact paper into the cupboards because it wasn’t the nicest in there… I even found a toe nail in one of the cupboards… yuk!

* Travis got a cell phone.

* We took our first walk around town that didn’t involve purchasing apartment necessities.

* We got more stuff for our home and put the “finishing touches” (as far as we’re willing to go for this place) on our apartment.

living room, set up
new table
lined drawers
lined drawers
kitchen, with new counter
bedroom, set up
bathroom, finished

I think that’s pretty good for a first week!


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3 Responses to Week 1 update | Home

  1. Anne says:

    You got all that for $600? That’s amazing. It looks like it’s in fantastic condition – even if it’s not your style!


  2. Jill says:

    Your description of the furniture is spot on! And I like your shower curtain.


  3. em says:

    awesome! totally awesome


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