Goodbye Montreal, hello Toronto | Canada

It was time for us to leave Montreal. We had made sure during our time in town to eat our fill of poutine, bagels, maple syrup and everything else tasty. We had said goodbye to my mom last night, as to be able to sleep in this morning. It was sad to say goodbye, but I took comfort in the fact that we had at least managed to spend quite a few days together.

Later in the day we packed our bags and set out for the final train ride of our trip. I’ve ridden the train between Montreal and Toronto so many times – even twice in one day once – but I still love it. Watching the scenery go by brought back a lot of good memories.

My friend from university (and ex roommate) Christine picked us up at the train station, and we headed back to her place. She had been kind enough to offer that we’d stay with her, even though she had just moved back to Toronto a week or so before. And to top things off, she even had dinner waiting for us when we arrived, hot on the oven.

Bellow are pictures from dinner the following night, when we went out for sushi.



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