Day 600 | Canada

To be totally honest, we didn’t realize at the start of the day that today was a big day – in fact, day 600 of our trip. Ever since coming back to Montreal after Quebec City, we’ve been busy meeting up with friends, trying to organize ourselves for our move to Kelowna and hanging out with my mom. We spent today checking out mattresses at IKEA – not really the place for a celebration, but a much needed stop nonetheless. It’s strange to think that this is our final “big” milestone of our trip: it will never get to 700 days, or even 650 days. Indeed, in 9 days, we will be taking our final flight and our trip will be over. As much as we are looking forward to it, moments like this feel a bit surreal, and sad. While I know it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit of nostalgia after such a great adventure, I want to focus on all of the good that is ahead, and there is so much good. So much good!


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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