Off to Quebec City! | Canada

Quebec City is so charming and lovely, but I never get around to going for a visit. I think the last time I had been there was while I was still in high school, and let’s face it, that was a long time ago. Since we had loads of time in Quebec and are still technically still on our big vacation, we decided to make a trip to Quebec City. Travis had never been, and my oldest friend (not by age, but my length of knowing each other) lives there. Two awesome reasons to go, if you ask me!

It turned out that the cost of going there by train was the same as by bus; since we love taking trains (and we never get to ride on trains on the West Coast) we chose to use that mode of transport. Everything was easy and on time, and the wagons were nearly deserted. We watched the still wintery landscape flow by while using the free WiFi and reading books.

on the way to quebec city

Julie met us at the train station and we walked to her place in St-Roch. I had completely forgotten how many stairs there are in and around Quebec, and was thankful for elevators (yep, I’m lazy). We told stories and caught up in her living room before heading out.

A friend of Julie organizes a quiz night every week at a local bar and Julie was in charge of helping that night. We tagged along, grabbing beers and nachos and catching an awesome CD release party before the event started. Travis and I were surprised by how many people showed up for quiz night – the place was packed! In fact, there were enough people there to make 23 teams of ~ 4 people.

The event is split up into 3 categories of questions: first up is images, second is general knowledge questions, and last is music. We were paired with two other people and set out to do the best we could, with me having to translate part #2 for Travis (as the event was in French).

The first category turned out to be all photos of Julia Roberts, and we had to identify the movie the still was from. It was quite funny, and I knew way too many of them. The real kicker though was the cinema-major we had been paired with: he knew almost all of them! We did so good, our team actually answered all of the questions correctly and we ended up winning a pitcher of beer. Yeah!

We didn’t do so well for section two and three, but we had a blast doing it. It was a really fun night, and it was great to just throw Travis in such a French environment and watch him do so well. I have to admit that I was pretty impressed with everyone we met there too – their English was much, much better than anticipated.

quizz night
quizz night


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  1. andiperullo says:

    I’ve heard the best things about Quebec City!


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