Awesome productive day | Canada

Being back in the city meant getting some errands done. I picked up my camera from the camera store – I was getting the sensor cleaned and I swear, it feels that they did nothing beside messing with all of my settings. We got new batteries for our nice watches: they had died during their prolonged storage. Travis replaced his over-worn t-shirts.

Really though, that’s pretty boring stuff. The highlight of the day? The good stuff? We got an apartment in Kelowna! Yay!

A little while back we decided to switch our apartment hunting strategy. Originally we were looking at roommates or basements suites – things we felt would be OK to be temporary. The thing is, these were not cheap, and nobody was interested in renting a room to a couple. A few days ago Travis started to look at plain old, regular apartments instead: this was a good move. Before: far away from the downtown core, few options available. Then: right downtown, and loads of option. Surprisingly, the cost of total privacy isn’t all that much more from a share apartment, so we got really excited about the new prospects. We applied for an apartment, and today we learned that we got the place!

It’s totally perfect for us: lease is month-to-month, it’s a few blocks walking distance from the downtown core and two blocks from the beach. We’re so excited! And it gets even better: they have a few suites available, so when we land in Kelowna on May 1st we get to look at a few options and chose the one we prefer. How awesome is that?

We celebrated with some tasty lamb and veggies on the BBQ. Thanks mom!

bbq weather!


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3 Responses to Awesome productive day | Canada

  1. jillacox says:



  2. tylerkellen says:


    I recently got into microphotography and quickly learned that our sensor was covered in dust we normally didn’t notice (shooting at f/32+ makes it super obvious). I picked up a cleaning kit from Copper Hill a few weeks back. It is fantastic.

    Here is a link:

    It is so easy to do that you’ll be laughing at yourself for having thought it was scary or hard or dangerous. Our sensor is totally pristine now, and I’ve done a few other digital cameras too!


    • Magalie says:

      Thanks for the tip! I think I have dust in my lens though (under the glass), which makes me feel as though the sensor cleaning did nothing. Not sure how to fix that without having to spend a fortune!


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