Packing up | Canada

We spent our last day at my parent’s house organizing and packing.

We went trough some boxes to take out items that we would be needing in our new life, such as nicer clothing for interviews. It was fun to rediscover my clothes! I have to admit that at times though I had no idea why I kept certain things, but that was to be expected.

From our backpacks we threw away some clothing and miscellaneous items that just didn’t survive the backpacking trip – I was especially happy to get rid of my sleeping sheet. Travis grabbed our camping pots and utensils, and we both packed our sleeping bags into our backpacks. We should be all set for Kelowna until our boxes arrive!

Once that was all done we packed up the boxes we had opened, and packed souvenirs and loose items that had been fine for the ride on over, but wouldn’t be fine for movers. With everything packed up properly and securely, our 10 boxes grew to 14 boxes. It felt good to have it all done, but also weird to know that strangers would be moving them across country.

all packed up

As a goodbye dinner to my parents Travis cooked some venison – it was delicious! There is no way that the creamy polenta was any good for us.

venison with creamy polenta


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