Off to my dad’s | Canada

Today we took the bus and headed to the Eastern Townships, to spend some time with my dad and Johanne. My dad’s place was the final destination of “our stuff” on our drive across Canada before our flight to Japan – going back meant closing the loop and getting reunited with our belongings.

As soon as we got inside my dad’s house Travis wanted to go through our boxes – he was like a kid at Christmas. It was quite sweet! For some reason I wasn’t feeling rushed to open any boxes, but when we started, I really got into the spirit of the occasion and got super excited.

happily reunited
our stuff
our stuff
opening boxes
opening boxes

Travis opened a few of his boxes, but I didn’t open any of mine. I mostly focused on going though the things we had mailed home over the course of our trip, and I found enough (warm) clothing to make me happy. What really made us happy though was to be able to put on our real wedding bands and rings, and Travis got to put on his nice watch (mine was out of battery). It felt weird wearing skinny rings instead of my large travel band, so I decided to just wear all of my rings instead.

switching watches
the pretty stuff
our real wedding rings go back on
real rings with travel band

After all of the excitement we decided to go for a walk outside and enjoy the sun. It was a bit cold, but at least the sun was warm and the trees did a good job of blocking the wind. We walked along the property line, noting how much things had changed since I had last taken that walk (over 10 years ago). We played with leftover snow, investigated damage done by moose and spotted wild garlic (very endangered in Canada) sprouting out of the earth.

all geared up
borrowed boots
dad and i
dad and trav
moose damage
spring is in the air
leftover snow
wild garlic shoots
a rare photo of travis and I!
snow fight!
snow fight!
ice crystals
frozen puddle
iced over

For dinner: something I hadn’t had in forever, pasta with a delicious clam tomato sauce.


At bedtime I walked into our room and saw this: my husband with Quatchi. Now how cute is that???

too cute for words!


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4 Responses to Off to my dad’s | Canada

  1. Jill says:

    Do you think that the contents of your boxes will have the same importance to you now after all this time? I have an inkling that I didn’t really need to keep and store half the things in my storage space…


    • Magalie says:

      I totally know what you mean – I was wondering why I kept some of the stuff I found in our boxes. At the time it was hard to part with them, but now I see I could have parted with more. There are things though I wish I kept and didn’t, so I guess it balances itself out.


  2. Ginger says:

    The first picture of Trav hugging his stuff———-too cute!!!! It made me laugh.
    And the pasta with clam sauce made my mouth water!!!!!!!!


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