Friend and food | Canada

lunch date with vanessa

We took the metro today and headed out to Monkland to meet Vanessa for lunch. We hadn’t seen her since Egypt, so we were pretty excited to catch up with her. During the planning stage of where to go for lunch, Travis had an epiphany. At first he didn’t care where we went to eat, but then he realized: we’re back in Canada, and that means that we can eat any type of food we want. After over a year and a half of no longer having the ability to eat anything whenever we wanted it, he got pretty excited and decided he wanted sushi. Well, we didn’t end up eating sushi, but we had a lovely meal nonetheless.

Over tasty food and tall pints of Chambly, we talked travel, New York City and her husband’s plans of practicing medicine in the States. It felt as though we had just seen Vanessa yesterday, and I love when time and separation seems to be no matter at all. I’m looking forward to hanging out with her again before flying out West!

With the leftovers from yesterday’s roast beef we made steak sandwiches with caramelized onions and aged Cheddar. Served with sweet potato fries and roasted asparagus, it was finger-licking good.

steak sandwiches


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