More great food | Canada

Today was nice and sunny. Even though it was cold outside, the sun was there to warm us up and cheer us up. We took advantage of the nice weather to take a long walk, and made our way from our hotel to the bus terminal. There, we booked tickets to Knowlton, to go and visit my dad in a few days.

From there we took the metro and headed back to my mom’s. We reheated yesterday’s leftovers for a really, really rich lunch. Travis looked for more places to stay in Kelowna and I edited some photos. Overall, it was a pretty quiet day.

For dinner my mom took us to Tuck Shop, another gem in St-Henri. It too was busy and cozy, but the food was a bit lighter and the portions more reasonable. We had great wine over our fantastic appetizer of crispy pork belly with aged Gouda while my mom’s rabbit ravioli main was to die for. For desert I had a no-bake cheesecake served in a large Mason jar – what a great idea!

tuck shop
crispy pork belly
rabbit ravioli
asian-style salmon
brownie and coffee
cheesecake in a jar


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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