First day in Montreal | Canada

We woke up this morning and had quite the shock when we opened up the blinds: snow. Snow! Yes, it was light snow and no, it wasn’t sticking on the ground – but come on! Yesterday we were in the tropics and now snow? Talk about a shock!

montreal cityscape

Luckily for us my mom was able to lend us winter jackets (and boots for me), so at least we were (physically, if not psychologically) ready to face the cold. Here is our new look!

our new look

On the way to my mom’s from our hotel we picked up Montreal-style bagels. They are by far one of my favourite snack ever and I was super excited to get to eat some again. We had a nice breakfast of bagels and cream cheese. Yum!

montreal bagels

Thankfully our bags were already waiting for us when we arrived at my mom’s. I was glad that it was already sorted, and that I didn’t need to spend any more time dealing with our missing luggage. And I was quite happy to be reunited with my deodorant and toothbrush!

Now one thing we had really been looking forward about being “home” was getting our laundry done. Not only would we be able to get all of our clothes washed, but we could get it done for free. It had been forever since that had last happened, and we were in dire need of laundry. Let’s just say that in our last few weeks in Panama, we had started some serious re-wearing of our clothes, and it wasn’t pretty (or pleasant on the nose).

sorting laundry
before and after

For lunch we headed to a popular fast food chain called La Belle Province for some poutine and hot dogs. They may not have the best poutine, but it is at least cheap and convenient. We ate it alongside Montreal-style hot dogs: a “steamy” and a “toasty”.

poutine time

Travis spent some time looking for our place to stay in Kelowna. We are planning on moving there around May 1st, and since we don’t really know the area much and prefer to look for apartments in person, we are looking for a temporary accommodation first. Something like a share apartment or a furnished room would work great for us. Most listings though seemed to only be for April 1st, or to not accept couples… we’ll see how it pans out for us.

Soon enough it was early evening and my mom came home. We had some celebratory Champagne before heading out to dinner.


For dinner we headed to Joe Beef, just a few blocks from my mom’s house. The place was warm and cozy but packed solid. Our waiter was really nice (but a bit evil), and recommended great wines. We ended the evening with digestifs (see, I said he was evil), coffee and very full stomachs. The winner dishes were by far my mom’s foie gras pâté appetizer and my lobster pasta. Yum! We even went home with tasty leftovers.

joe beef
son of the people
smiling mom
fois gras paté with cherry brioche
lobster pasta
sweetbreads and sausages


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7 Responses to First day in Montreal | Canada

  1. Jo says:

    Hi, have you tried the college residence in Kelowna? I know the college here in Hamilton rents out their accommodations to anyone visiting after school ends (end of April)..and it’s pretty cheap. I think there is a college in Kelowna so maybe they can help?


  2. Carli says:

    I’ve got a friend in Kelowna that’s trying to rent out a suite in her place from 1 May. I don’t know the location or any details, but just dropped her a message to ask if it’s still available and can get you in touch with her if it is and you want to contact her.


  3. Carli says:

    and by the way… that poutine looks amaaaaaaazing.


  4. Jill says:

    I was recently introduced to the concept of Montreal style bagels and your photo just made me want one NOW! Thank goodness I’m visiting Montreal this summer and can pick one up while I’m there. Also, love the laundry shots. There’s nothing like travel to make you appreciated a good free washer and dryer!


  5. mina says:

    just found your blog through battered suitcases. love your montreal posts.

    i prefer ny bagels… but next time you’re here, try the montreal ones with liberté cream cheese instead of philadelphia – for a more “authentic” experience.


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