Two weeks left | Costa Rica

This is our final evening in Costa Rica, and we sit outside on the covered patio listening to the rain fall while drinking rum and cokes. We have just finished ironing out our schedule for tomorrow, organizing our way back into Panama and onto the islands of Bocas Del Toro.

evening drinks of rum and coke

We have 14 full days left of travel before we board our plane back to Canada, and we reflect on this with mixed emotions. On one hand, it feels weird and surreal to think that in just two weeks we will be on home soil starting to face “real life” all over again. On the other hand, after 34 countries and 560 days on the road, it feels like it’s time to make our way back home.

We have been talking with family and friends, trying to organize our time in Montreal. We are trying to see if we can afford into our budget a few side trips, to fit in even more friends. And we are trying to ready ourselves for moving to a new city, and everything that comes with it.

While have big adventures ahead, we must focus on the now. We only have two weeks left of our journey and we must make the most of it, enjoy every day of it. These days will have to last us a long while until our next vacation!


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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2 Responses to Two weeks left | Costa Rica

  1. kylie says:

    you guys are awesome. you will remember this forEVER. so rad, so many places. la pura vida, si? espero que todo esta bien, y buen viaje.


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