Over the river | Uruguay

Argentina and Uruguay are separated by a river, the Rio Uruguay which eventually becomes Rio de la Plata. From Buenos Aires, it’s just a quick and easy ferry ride into Uruguay, which makes for a much better ride than the bus.

leaving argentina

Our ferry destination was Colonia Del Sacramento, or simply, Colonia. Colonia, now an UNESCO city, makes a perfect day trip from Buenos Aires and is a prime travel destination for Argentines. We planned on staying longer though, much longer: to pass New Years in a lovely city, and later, into the rest of Uruguay to really explore the small country.


After having just met up with three friends in Buenos Aires, we were blessed to meet yet another friend, this time in Uruguay. Leslie, who had once been Travis’ boss when he used to work on yachts, picked us up at the ferry terminal. Now in Uruguay for over 5 years, she owns a house and land just outside of the city. After dropping off our bags at the hostel, we got back into the car to go check out her house.

Her house, which is very modern, is quite stunning. It has huge windows, loads of light and catches the breeze. She has planted a small orchard and garden, and looking at it all, it reaffirmed our dreams of owning our own land and attempting to be self-sufficient as much as possible.

inside the garden
local passion fruit
cup of beer
yellow tomatoes
inside the greenhouse
too hot for broccoli
fennel flowers

After a drink and a stroll, we headed back in town for dinner. Les brought us to a hopping pizza joint – within minutes of the doors opening for evening service the place was packed solid. We sat on the patio, overlooking the Rio de la Plata and watched the sun set over a perfect day.

sunset over rio uruguay

On the menu for tomorrow: a walk around the old city, and then a move to the countryside!


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