Back in Buenos Aires | Argentina

We are back in Buenos Aires, but this time only for a short while. It is not our most favourite place, but it does have advantages. Right now, the main advantage is that we have friends in town, whom we will see tomorrow.

The overnight bus ride turned out to be not too terrible for me, as I managed to sleep. It’s not good sleep, but at least it was sleep! Traffic into the city was pretty bad, and so we arrived an hour later. From there, it was a quick subway ride to our hostel – it’s always nice to show up somewhere you’ve been to before as you already know how to get around town.

Our hostel is quite nice. We are in the Jewish neighborhood, and the hostel is located inside an old building. It has courtyards and a nice rooftop terrace, as well as eclectic art around the place. It’s really a nice find.

our dorm

roof parilla

concrete bottle planters

At lunchtime we spied the hostel’s owner eating something tasty, and so we inquired about it. A few blocks from the hostel and we were at a tiny parrilla (for locals, not tourists) ordering choripán. It’s a really simple meal of chorizo sausage in a crusty bread with some chimichurri sauce, but boy is it ever tasty! We took our to go and ate it on the terrace of our hostel.

tiny parilla


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5 Responses to Back in Buenos Aires | Argentina

  1. Jill says:

    That is a nice hostel. Do you typically stay in dorm rooms?


    • Magalie says:

      Yes, we normally do when we can. Argentina, Chile and Uruguay are often too expensive for us to afford a private room. Many places around the world though doesn’t have hostels, so I’d say that it’s been more private rooms than hostels on this trip! We much prefer privates 🙂


      • Jill says:

        I should propose that idea as a money saver. We’ve always stayed in privates when traveling as a couple and it does start to add up!


  2. kylie says:

    for me, this post was perfect. totally embodies the backpacker lifestyle. thanks for the reminder 🙂 i need to get out again… haha, only been a few months.


    • Magalie says:

      Kylie, I know it’s hard to get back to real life after traveling! I’m sure you two lovebirds will hit the road again soon, even if just for a quick vacation!


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