Leaving Bariloche | Argentina

It was time to leave the comforts of our rented apartment in Bariloche and its wonderful views and head towards Buenos Aires. Sadly Argentina is so big that bus rides take forever, and with all of the ashes in the air and the airport closed, our only option was the 21 hour overnight bus ride.

Leaving Bariloche the scenery was captivating: more of the typical Argentina Patagonian landscape mixed with odd rock formations and blue lakes. Everywhere we looked was covered in white ashes from the volcano, making it looked like it had just snowed. There were also many ash devils (like dirt devils, but with ash instead) dotting the landscape.

leaving bariloche
ash snow

blue lake
ash devil

salty lake

By the time dinner came around we were hungry and had a headache. Dinner on the bus was pretty good though, with an actual hot meal of chicken with mashed potatoes, salad and bread. They served us surprisingly decent wine (with refills) and then *sparking*. Sparkling! Clearly splurging for the “cama” bus (somewhat plushier and more reclining seats) was worth the extra pesos.


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