Christmas Eve | Argentina

Today, like most days in Bariloche, was spent inside and taking it easy. I edited photos, we watched some Christmas TV shows and listened to holiday music. We spoke with my mom and Travis’ family. Like yesterday there was barely any wind, and so we started to notice the ashes in the air piling up over the mountains across the lake. For dinner we had a roasted leg of lamb with vegetables, along with a great Malbec. We had planned for leftovers, but it was so tasty that we ate the whole thing and cleaned the bones dry. We watched The Holiday with dinner. It was a good day.

christmas eve's view
christmas eve dinner prep
christmas eve dinner prep

christmas eve dinner

Even though Argentina doesn’t really celebrate Christmas we did notice two traditions. First, everyone at the grocery store was buying lamb. Not just a leg, like we did, or cute little chops: no, they were buying whole lambs. They had freezers full of whole lambs and everyone had one poking out of their grocery cart. What a great idea, lamb is way better than turkey anyway!

The second tradition is something we learned a few minutes before midnight. The whole city erupted in fireworks and firecrackers, and it went on for about 45 minutes. Sadly it was the small kind of fireworks and they were mostly all hidden from view, but it was still loads of fun. I love fireworks! Sadly the fireworks were followed by some heavy partying, and so neighbours kept us up ’till the wee hours of the morning. At least I was glad to find out that in the end, Argentina does celebrate Christmas.


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