Meeting up with the Ratherts | South Africa

We left our hostel and headed to the Intercontinental Hotel at Johannesburg airport – I always love those days where we leave bunk beds or crappy rooms and head into luxury (here and here). They are exciting for two reasons: it means that we are meeting up with family and/or friends, and, luxury, of course!

With Travis’ family not due to land in Johannesburg until 10 PM, we had quite a bit of time to enjoy our room. We watched TV, used the faster WiFi, I took a bath, we ordered room service. It made for a really nice change of pace. I hadn’t taken a bath since Bangladesh, where the water was brown and smelled like sewage, so this was really, really nice.

a bath!
room-service lunch
working in the sunset light

Eventually we got the phone call that everyone had arrived. We went down to their rooms, and gave big hugs to Ginger, Terry, TL and Jeff. It was so nice to see everyone! We had seen Ginger in Thailand, but we hadn’t seen the rest of Travis’ family since our wedding. We exchanged stories and talked a little, but it was late and we had to get up early for a flight. It was time for bed.

Tomorrow: Zimbabwe!


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