Goodbye Cape Town | South Africa

Today we were up again early to catch a flight back to Johannesburg. We had to go back for two reasons: first, we were set to meet Travis’ family there in a few days and secondly, we needed to obtain our Tanzanian visa.

Cape Town had really, really been lovely. It’s a beautiful city, right on the ocean with landscapes that scream West Coast and Hawaii mixed with vegetation that reminded us of Australia. Yet we didn’t see much of it, because we had been too tired from our constant traveling. Instead we focused on recharging our batteries and agreed that we’d have to come back one day.

While Cape Town is stunning and much less “scary” than Johannesburg, it is still a dangerous place compared to what we normally are used to. People don’t walk alone at night. People are afraid when riding their car/bike/motorcycle of getting robbed. There are still big gates and electric fences everywhere, just a little less of them. This caused a conflict for me: for the first time we had found somewhere that seemed to “fit” with what we were looking for in our “home”, but in reality it just couldn’t work for us. With too much violence and to few jobs, it couldn’t be right. During our time in Cape Town this kept bothering me. What if we were never going to find “home”? What if there would always be something wrong? Yet part of me kept holding on to the hopes of finding “home” in South America – everything is possible, right?

Our flight went quickly as we flew over snowy mountains, farmland and then back over flat nothing on our way to Johannesburg. We then went back to Bob‘s, sad of having left behind our kitchen and private room but looking forward to seeing Travis’ family.

african snow
circle crop


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