One year in photos | 365

My original plan for this post was to do a video compiling my favourite photos of our year on the road. There were a few problems with this idea though: 1) I’m not done editing photos of our first year on the road, 2) I’m lazy, and 3), it would make our “end of trip” video somewhat redundant. With this in mind, I’ve come up with a solution. Instead of showing you pictures that I’ve taken, I’ll show you pictures that Travis has taken. Instead of showing you shinny, crisp digital photos, I’ll show you our world through the plastic lens of the Suprema GT.

8 rolls of film, developed on the road. Zero photo editing.

Soundtrack: Crystal Fighters – Plage

After the 8th roll of film we stopped shooting with the Suprema: it was surprisingly expensive to develop, print and scan everything in developing countries. It’s too bad though, I really love film. Nothing beats opening that envelope and seeing your prints for the time!


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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3 Responses to One year in photos | 365

  1. Jill says:

    How fun! It’s too bad it became too expensive. It’s always fun to have some film around.


  2. Anne says:

    I love it! There are so many people pictures. 🙂

    Miss you!!!


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