Day 365 | South Africa

As of today we have been on the road for one fully year. I don’t really want this post to reflect on the past year, or to talk about our feelings regarding our adventure thus far. That will be for another post. Rather, today will just be a post about today, which happens to be a celebration day.

Surprisingly though, we kept our celebrations to a minimum and did mostly mundane things all day. It was a great day regardless, because we got to sleep in late, go at our own rhythm, and do as we wish. It was relaxing, and exactly what we had been needing. Here is what the day looked like.

Travis started the day by cooking us a yummy, full breakfast.

I then edited photos and worked on other similar things on the computer. Here is what my view looked like.

editing photos on the bed

Then we watched the sunset from outside our room.


We went out for dinner after dark. We treated ourselves to Nando’s – yep, we just wanted something tasty. It turned out to be less of a eat-in experience as it can be in other countries, but it was still nice.

waiting on dinner
my dinner

We had kept the official celebration for once we’d get back home after dinner: locally made sparkling wine (delicious, by the way!) and lemon cheesecake. It made for a lovely, well deserved treat.

champagne & cheesecake


So, cheers to one year on the road, and here is to the next year!


About Magalie

Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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3 Responses to Day 365 | South Africa

  1. Vanessa Blandford says:

    What is the image on the champagne glasses? It looks like an apparition of the Virgin Mary?


  2. Amber Hughes says:

    Congrats on a year on the road! I don’t comment that often, but I often look at your posts… so fun to watch you two adventure your way around the world 🙂


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