Dinner with friends | South Africa

After Bryony and Matt showing us such hospitality by taking us around town and having us over for a home-cooked meal, we wanted to repay their kindness by cooking for them. Well, I should say by having Travis cook for them!

Bryony, Matt and his girlfriend Nicola came over for dinner tonight. We were glad to finally have a heater in our cottage, but considering how tiny our table is, we opted to use the kitchen and dining table in the main house instead. There was not heat there, so note the extra clothes. Travis prepared herbed rack of lamb with roasted potatoes and creamed spinach – it was delicious! I grabbed a few pictures of the process, but somehow didn’t get any shot of Bryony. Sorry!


the final result

After dinner we went back to our cottage, where we drank more wine and played a South African board game. I have to say that we did pretty good for North American folks!

Eventually the evening came to an end, but not without yet another invitation for dinner – this time for sushi. It’s a date!


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Canadian girl living in Texas, off to see the world when she can!
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